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This project is to installing lighting and insulation into our on-site garage. Currently the Friends of Beaumont garage is a prefab concrete garage without any lighting or installation.


This means anything we put in the garage is susceptible to the cold and has caused things  to be damaged. The garage is also very dark and does not have any windows, makes it difficult to find things and unsafe.


Our aim is to turn the garage into more of a shop and store. By installing electricity, lighting and insulation will make the garage safer and enable us to store more products in it, which we can sell in our shop or online.


This will benefit the children on Beaumont School in two ways.


  • It will allow to raise more funds to support the school in other projects.
  • Allow us to run more fun events for the children which add value to their education and help to improve their mental wellbeing.


The total costs of these upgrades is £5,000 and this is a one off donation towards this project

Garage Upgrade Project (Donation)

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