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Donate Your Unwanted Clothing


Donate your unwanted clothing, accessories and household fabrics in the Clothes Bank on the school field.

This not only raises funds for Friends of Beaumont but the clothes are resold to help struggling communities

Where is it?

The clothes bank is located on the school field, just next to the double gates by the all weather surface.

Clothes Bank Location.png

What do we take

We recycle all types of clothing, accessories and household fabrics, including

  • shoes

  • bags

  • belts

  • hats

  • gloves,

  • bed linen

  • towels

  • sleeping bags

  • balls of wool


Please don't include any of the following

What Happens with my clothes

All Grade A clothes consist of being 100% wearable, in good shape and colour with no marks or stains and these will be sent to shops just like the second-hand shops we have in the UK. We supply shops in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, The Czech Republic and many more countries where they will be resold to help those struggling communities.

All Grade B clothing and school wear would go further afield to partners in Africa, Ghana, Cameroon and The Ivory Coast and may be over-washed, slightly misshapen or have small marks on. Any bedding that is donated also gets a second lease of life by being used as dust sheets for painting garages and shops or cut up for rags in car washes – so a massive 85% gets a second use.

Closer to home and here in the UK, all new underwear including new socks are given to the charity partner, Hands On London, whose volunteers distribute these to our vulnerable homeless people on the streets of London. Similarly, any sleeping bags are donated to homeless charities like The Spitalfields Crypt Trust.

Any new balls of knitting wool are passed on to the ladies at The Samaritans who in turn pass on, free of charge, to other knitting enthusiasts who make soft toys for children and donate them to paediatric hospitals and children’s charities; nothing is wasted.

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