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About Us

Friends of Beaumont is a Parents’ Association that all families of children at Beaumont Primary School are automatically members of. Friends of Beaumont was formally established in 2008, but parents have been involved in supporting the school since it was built.

Our Mission

Primary school education provides the academic, social, and emotional foundations that all children require to become healthy, successful adults. As a Parents' Association, we believe it is our duty to assist our school in providing the greatest possible outcome for each and every child within the Beaumont community.

Each year, we work together with Beaumont Primary School to organise & execute a wide variety of events and activities to raise funds for essential educational resources. 

BUT...Friends of Beaumont is NOT all about fundraising!

Our events aid in building a community atmosphere between, not only the children of Beaumont, but also their parents/carers and families. Which, in turn, promotes social development & wellbeing by providing a nurturing & supportive environment.


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